Woman claims everyone can touch their toes – and we’ve been doing it ‘wrong’

Woman claims everyone can touch their toes – and we’ve been doing it ‘wrong’

Can you touch your toes?

It’s one of those things that we’ve always thought some people could do and others just couldn’t.

But according to a yoga instructor, everyone can touch their toes and we’ve previously been doing it “wrong”.

In a video on TikTok, Jenna Elsie said: “Did you know that everyone can touch their toes?”

She then demonstrated how most people often try to do it and is unable to reach her feet as she does so.

“You’re doing it wrong,” she claimed, before showing the “beginner version” for those unable to touch their toes.

“Bend your knees, drop your torso, release your kneck and straighten out your legs. Grab your toes if you like,” she explained.

More than 500,000 people watched the clip, with over 17,000 liking it and hundreds commenting.

Many people admitted they tried it right away.

“Not me trying it at 2am,” wrote one.

Another replied: “I can do that and actually keep my legs straight.”

A third said: “First thing I tried on TikTok that actually works.”

“OMG, it works,” proclaimed someone else.

Others weren’t convinced that she was right and pointed out Jenna’s legs were a little bent while touching her toes.

She later made a follow-up video, where she showed she could indeed touch her toes while keeping her legs straight.

In the comments though she was quick to tell people that your legs don’t have to be perfectly straight when touching your toes.

“Doesn’t need to be, a common misconception,” she said.

Jenna also urged people to move “nice and gently” so as not to injure themselves at all, adding: “If you can feel your body not liking a pose then always try and move back out slowly.”