Woman overhears sweet conversation between teens’ on how to approach new pupil

Woman overhears sweet conversation between teens’ on how to approach new pupil

A woman had her “faith in humanity” restored after overhearing a sweet conversation between two teenage girls

Michele Garza couldn’t stop herself from listening when she heard the pair discussing a new girl that had joined their school.

She shared their comments on TikTok – and people admitted that they were left surprised at how the conversation ended.

Michele, of Brooklyn, New York, said she overheard the conversation outside a deli on the Manhattan’s Upper East side, between two private school pupils.

The pair spotted a new pupil and one of them commented: “Of course she’s sitting alone.”

The first girl suggested that they call her over and the other pupil immediately said: “No,” sparking people’s suspicion that the pair didn’t like the new student.

But actually, she thought it was “super rude” to call her over and suggested going over to her so she didn’t have to move.

The first girl suggested they buy her a cookie first – and the pair happily made their way over to greet the new pupil.

The video has racked up more than 150,000 views and hundreds of comments – with many people admitting they hadn’t expected the conversation to end like that.

One person commented: “My faith in humanity has been restored.”

Another admitted: “Well this went in a direction I didn’t expect.”

A third added: “So heartwarming. If more people shared positive stories like this, we would all be happier.”

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